So lets start with wireless alarms…

Your Home Security: Best Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems are becoming very popular with homeowners. As technology keep on changing, the newer versions of wireless alarm systems are becoming more reliable than the older ones. Its down to the individual to stay ahead of the game.

How wireless alarm system work

They run on radio wave frequencies which detect any motion or movement in your home and transmit this information to the control panel. The control panel then alert the sirens, contact the owner or even a third party.

Features of a wireless alarm system

· Control panel – a wireless security alarm should have a master control panel which operates the entire system.

· Transmitters and sensors – they are for detecting any change in the environment like an intruder inversion. They then send radio wave signal to the control panel.

· Touchpads – they allow you to operate the system even when you are not near the control panel.

· Central monitoring receiver – it is used together with monitored security systems and normally connected to a telephone line.

· Siren – they are for scaring away any burglar and alerting others in the area.

Why you need a wireless alarm system 

1. It detects crime; protect your possessions and properties.

2. It minimizes the chances of any physical harm to people and family members in your house.

3. It increases your house value in case you decide to sell it.

4. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

Wireless alarm systems VS Wired alarm systems/ Advantages of wireless alarm systems

1. They have no cables

This means that you will take less time when installing and hence reduce cost. It also saves you the hassle of punching hole via walls, pulling up carpets and floorboards and later putting them back. They also eliminate any potential injury which could come as a result of tripping due to wires.

2. They operate through long range broadband transmission

Most of wireless alarm systems have a power radius which can stretch to hundreds of feet at a very fast speed. This is very useful especially when your home is isolated from any communication systems like telephone.

3. They are extremely portable

Due to lack of cables, wireless alarm systems are extremely portable. You can position and place your alarm system in any location which you will find most suitable and even change it later on. You can also reprogram and move it to your new home in case you decide to move.

4. They are very compatible with new technology

Wireless alarm systems are compatible with a number of new technologies which you may want to include to your system such as CCTV, remote control operations, solar sirens, trip wires, motion sensors among others.

5. They are not breakable

Wireless security systems cannot be broken as they don’t have wires which an intruder can cut or even damage. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that you are well protected because the alarm is always alert.